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Apr 12, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and abandonment may be filed in virginia. authorities in tennessee trouble with the legal ramifications of the case. >> is hard to say which direction we are going to go. we will meet with d a's office tomorrow morning. we will try to figure out which is the best charge. >> investigators say this woman sent the boy on a plane alone back to russia with a note saying he had psychological problems. >>> late tonight myland's senate voted to approve a bill that increases sex offenders' sentences. also, a sex offender registry is headed for a vote. but texting bills are unresolved. >>> maryland senators killed an effort to bring card games to rosecroft race track. >>> a symbolic milestone of the country's economic recovery. the dow jones industrial average closed over 11,000 for the first time in the year. >>> the numbers are dropping if you are talking about temperatures. do not expect to the's warm weather to occur tomorrow. doug hill has the first look at what is the come tomorrow morning. >>> things are starting to turn a little bit cooler. let's check out the temperatures. down to 52 deg
Apr 1, 2010 4:00pm EDT
returned their census forms. the breakdown also looks good for the washington region. in virginia, 57% of the forms have been returned. while in maryland, 54% of household forms have been returned. in the district, the number is 47%. but if you are one of the millions that have yet to return yours, you may want to get on that. tracie potts is working the big story this afternoon and is live on capitol hill. hi, tracie. >> reporter: good afternoon. today is not the deadline day yes. those numbers for maryland and virginia look good. they are above the national average. but this year, census officials say they think they may have a little more difficulty tracking people down because of the housing crisis. ♪ you probably heard those hip new ads and should have the census form by now. the government counts everyone live something the u.s. through april 1st which means this newborn will be one of the last ones counted. local officials are making a big deal at rallies all over the country today and here is why. >> every missed resident could lose $13,000. >> reporter: all about the money.
FOX News
Apr 6, 2010 3:00pm EDT
this hour, all the families can do is wait. rescue crews pulled out of a mine in west virginia after an explosion killed at least 25 people. the officials in charge say conditions in the mine are too dangerous. methane levels are too high, to high a spark could set off another explosion to crews plan to drill holes to vent the gas. west virginia's governor reports the first of the holes may not be finished until tomorrow. 18 people are underground, 14 confirmed dead. we won't know what happened to the others until the crews get in. people in charge of the situation said the outlook is grim. the governor chose his words carefully today as he talked about the chances of finding survivors. listen. >> as horrific as the explosion was and i explained to them that i don't want to give anybody false hope, but by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father and brother or my uncle or cousin, i've going to have hope. it's a very difficult situation. >> most difficult we're sure for families of the miners, part of a tightknit community in the upper big branch mine, a rural area
Apr 2, 2010 7:00am EDT
other sports, it is republican and it is very high turnout. host: morgantown, west virginia. caller: goal mouth and ears, for tonight. first, a real quick comment. a couple of callers on the democrat line -- and i come -- this is a democrat state. he said that he finds the democrats are generally smarter than republicans. i think that kind of arrogance is going to cost the democrat party dearly in november. but getting back to sports -- one of the observations, politicians have been throwing out the first ball at the world series. i remember president reagan. i think he was the first president to go to the daytona 500. i think it was just to whip up his base. i do not know how many additional votes he got from that. i noticed that president obama the other day one of the major networks, asking who he liked in the major for -- and while he did not nail it down he spoke highly of west virginia and i believe matt lauer said i find it interesting that the only state you did not carry -- thinking if they get past due, they would go all the way. host: you looked at the final eight? guest:
Apr 7, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. >>> west virginia's governor predicts today will be a big day. talking about the search for four minors unaccounted for after a explosion on monday. for the minor's families, hope hinges on his word here. search crews drilled a bore hole and lowered pipes in the hole and banged on them in an effort to contact them. there was no respops, but crews are planning to bore a total of four holes to minimize the threat of another explosion there. they're going to assess whether the air is clear enough to send in rescue crews in the next day or two. 25 minors die in the blast. two others died in the hospital right now. hope is still alive that the four missing minors survived. >> we're hoping that between the 10:00 and the 2:00 we would have more information that would allow them making decisions. once they get the readings and the readings look like it could be good enough for a time period, then they'll be able to plan around that. that was the time we're still hoping between now and 2:00 if the fan gets up, we start getting some readings. they can tell what type of air they're dealing with. a
Apr 10, 2010 7:00am EDT
the four miners missing in west virginia did not survive the deadly explosion. where their bodies were found. >>> the grandmother of an adopted russian boy packs his bags, puts him on a plane to moscow alone. now her decision is sparking outrage on both sides of the globe. >>> and the scandal that rocked his life hasn't hurt his golf swing, tiger woods is near the top of the leader board at the masters. rafer weigel tells us what woods needs to do to win another green jacket. >>> you're watching hln on this saturday, april 10th. glad you're with us, i'm susan hendricks. >>> we begin in west virginia where the search for those four missing miners has come to a tragic end. rescue workers found the miners' bodies last night. a mine safety official says rescuers actually passed the bodies on earlier trips into the mine, but conditions inside the shaft were so bad, they couldn't see the miners until last night. families, of course, were hoping the miners were waiting for rescue in one of the underground safety chambers, but west virginia's governor said this. >> none of the chambers had bee
Apr 14, 2010 10:00am EDT
, west virginia. the chaplain: father, we ask you to strengthen the courage of the representatives and congress. sent here men and women to do what a right. make it plain, father. we lease the same wisdom that brought these 50 states together to form this great united states of america. allow it to fall fresh among this great governing body as they make decisions affecting over 300 million americans. father, at this time we join our hearts, minds and spirits for our fellow miners in west virginia who have suffered a great loss in the midst of tragedy. out of the depths of our pressing need, praying that i will draw near onto us during this dark hour of time in jesus name, amen. the speaker: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house her approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1 the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from alabama, mr. griffith. mr. griffith: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, i
Apr 1, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >>> president obama announces an offshore drilling plan expanding oil exploration off the coast of virginia. many environmentalist are not happy about it. they say it puts the blue crab population at risk among other things. >> we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuel now. how could we be doing things better, how could we be doing things smarter. >> reporter: president obama announces plans to open up offshore drilling to make american less dependent on foreign oil. one place the president wants to expand drilling is off the coast of virginia. >> offshore on the atlantic ocean is as much part of the chesapeake bay as we see right here behind me. >> reporter: the chesapeake watershed runs 8,000 square miles from upstate new york down to the susquehanna river, and down to the state of and the mouth bay and virginia beach. the head of the foundation says there's a lot at stake. >> 90% of the state's female blue crabs spawn at the mouth of the bay. the la laver a flow to the bay. an oil spill could literally wipe out an entire year class of blue crabs. >> reporter: baker says it would
Apr 25, 2010 6:00pm EDT
.c. this is washington county, frederick county and maryland. also jefferson and burkely counties and west virginia. there you can see the purple box here. you see a nice little hook echo or indentation. this is a doppler radar-indicated tornado. but you need to take this seriously and seek shelter. there is a severe thunderstorm watch. sometimes even though it's a thunderstorm watch and not a tornado watch, sometimes tornado do occur. now, it is a tornado watch across parts of florida. at this hour we saw one line move through earlier today that produced a little tree damage and some hail in gainesville. that second is coming off the gulf of mexico. we could possibly see this sneak a little further to the south. watch out in the tampa area. you will likely see winds in excess of 60 miles with this storm and possible tornadoes. if we get any warnings, we will bring it along to you. the greatest threat of severe weather stretch as cross the eastern seaboard from pennsylvania stretching down into parts of florida. this is a slight risk day. we are not expecting near the number of or severity that we
Apr 1, 2010 9:00am EDT
sunshine expected across the area from ocean city to the mountains of maryland and west virginia. it should be a nice looking afternoon with bright skies, brilliant blue out there and warm temperatures expected to top out as mentioned in the upper 70s and low 80s. 78 in washington, 79 in waldorf. cooler by the bay. a bay breeze. to temperatures in places like annapolis closer to mid-70s. still not bad this time of year. and i'll have the details of the weekend and the five-day forecast coming up. >>> and our top story this morning, you're looking at a photo of one of the victims of the deadly drive-by shooting in washington. a crowd was sprayed with bullets leaving four people dead and five injured. >> and now the community wants answers. it's looking to the city leaders to provide those answers. sarah simmons i joining us live this morning in southeast with more details. sarah good morning. >> reporter: family members are asking why this had to happen, especially when they hear the police tried to get one of the gunman off the street in connection with another shooting and also connected t
Apr 14, 2010 9:00pm EDT
, leading up to this march, this group has been holding armed rallies from kentucky to montana to virginia, anti-government marches and rallies at which participants are encouraged to wear and display their guns. now, even though those folks have been armed at all the state capitols leading up to the 19th march, when they head to the washington monument on the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing they're not allowed to open carry there. so that second amendment march will be unarmed in d.c. that said, right across the potomac from that site in virginia, that march on d.c., also on the occasion of the oklahoma city bombing anniversary, that march will be armed. participants are being encouraged to bring guns. the organizers are holding it in virginia and bringing people up to the point on the potomac because they say that's as close as they can legally get to d.c. with loaded weapons. one of the speakers at the event, the one with guns, is the ex-alabama militiaman who made news encouraging people to go to democratic party offices and throw bricks through the windows. one other high pro
Apr 1, 2010 5:00pm EDT
into businesses in virginia and maryland. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> lindsey, you had a chance to talk to some of those tourists. how much are they spending on average. have they said? >> a lot of tourists say they are trying to watch their budget, so they are going to a lot of the local vendors and not eating out at expensive restaurants. they are willing to spend more if they want something cherry inspired. when it comes to hotels, they are between $120 to $150 a night and already destination dc says they have 1,000 nights booked so far. lesli. >> they are here and they are spending and we'll take it here in the dc area. >> the best benefit is the weather itself. devon. >> temperatures well into the 70s in many places. many of us in the lower 80s. this is a dilema of mine. national is notorious for being warmer than everyone else. right now they are 73. everyone else is well into the upper 70s. we even have 80s showing up west. we have an update to that national temperature? no, we are still at 73. some of us outside of washington and see where we are. we hav
Apr 1, 2010 11:30pm EDT
when they take on the west virginia mountaineers at the final four in indianapolis. on wednesday we went to durham, north carolina to the campus to talk to coach k before he departed for indianapolis. here is that conversation. 11 final fours. six finals. won three. haven't been back in a few years. characterize the moment here. >> i'm trying to go from euphoric over sunday night to realistic like "weave got to win a game on saturday night," and that's difficult, because this was as good a final four to get into -- a regional final win as i have experienced since the first one in 1986, because i really love my guys, and i was so happy to see jon scheyer and lance thomas and brian zoubek fulfilled -- you know, go to the promised land, which is the final four, and it was kind of like -- because i am a father, i have seven grandkids, it's like seeing your son or daughter or grandkid do something grashths and it was that type of thing, but i love my team, and i am anxious to compete this weekend. >> charlie: "love my team" means what? >> there is not a second that i'm with them that i w
Apr 7, 2010 7:00am EDT
that west virginia mine where 25 workers died so the search can begin again for those four missing miners. the sister of one of those missing speaks out in a live terview this morning. >>> how did she know? new evidence including secret jailhouse letters in the casey anthony case. prosecutors say it shows the florida mother knew specific details of her 2-year-old daughter's murder before police told her about them. >>> and royal wedding? is prince william finally set to announce his long-awaited engagement to girlfriend kate middleton? speculation sweeping in from across the atlantic "today," wednesday, april 7th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. >>> the frantic round-the-clock work in west virginia has not stopped. crews try desperately to reach those four missing miners that's been more than a day and a half after monday's explosion that killed 125 others. >> right now teams are working as fast as they can. we understand they completed one of those ventilation hole
Apr 2, 2010 5:30pm EDT
the chesapeake. water temperatures in the upper 40s to 50s. look at charleston, west virginia it 91. few thin clouds this evening. all dry. maryland's radar all clear. expecting that through the weekend. 70s for the evening. sunset not until 7:30. get out and enjoy mighty fine weather. we'll talk at your easter sunday forecast in a few minutes. >>> an easter tradition continued today in fellow's point with people lining up judd site of the popular business to pick up their sausage for sunday. some people waited 45 minutes to get their hands on the famous homemade polish sausage. there it is. >> we come every year. this is a tradition for the polish breakfast that we have every year. >> they have a polish breakfast every year as well. we come and get our sausage and kielbasa and the horseradish and the smell in there is fabulous. >> they are celebrating 91 years in business. >>> a grandmother charged with scamming her friends out of thousands of dollars. how she pulled it off and where police think he got the idea. >>> you spend hours agonizing over your taxes only to realize you cannot pay th
Mar 31, 2010 11:00pm EDT
news. >>> the trl begun for the five virginia men charged with terrorism in pakistan. they were arrested in dember on charges of terrorism and plotting attacks. prosecutors claim they were planning to go to afghanistan and join the taliban. if found guilty they could spend the rest of their lives in a pakistan prison. all five deny charges. >>> a man pronounced dead by paramedics only to be found alive. tonight those paramedics are going back to work. every at 11:00. >> both paramedics have been cleared for duty. they were called to a house last week. they declared george waters dead. the 90 minutes later the coroner realized he was still alive. he was rushed to the hospital where he later passed away. the case is still under investigation. and other ems personnel have been ordered to review the protocols there. >>> in virginia this man is charged with kidnapping a high school student while she was walking home from school in fredericksburg. police say the girl accepted a ride from the 85-year-old who then locked her in the car and touched her inappropriately before she managed
Apr 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
in next week. >>> rescue teams headed back into a west virginia mine early this morning to continue looking for four missing miners. the rescuers had to evacuate the mine last night because of dangerous gases. crews drilled a hole into the mine to help release some of those gases. >> you have to make decisions that are conscious decision inside the best interest of the rescue workers because we can't put them at risk, either. >> so far 25 miners died in the explosion on monday. hopes of finding the four remaining miners alive is looking grim. >>> friends and family members of the miners are outraged over a group planning to protest outside of the site. members of the west borough baptist church say desasters like these happens because of maryland's tolerance of the gays. they made headlines after protesting the funeral of a marijuana killed in iraq. people in the west virginia town want the church members gone. >> they are after them right now and they're going to come down here and protest it, saying that you know, that god you know killed them guys. no. they better take their ass
Apr 15, 2010 12:00pm EDT
review of the explosion that killed 29 west virginia miners last week makes it clear there are safety problems throughout the coal industry. the president is ordering federal regulators to work closely with state officials to prevent another tragedy underground. >> this isn't just about a single mine. it's about all of our mines. the safety record at the massey upper big branch mine was trouble. and it's clear that while there are many responsible companies, far too many -- far too many mines aren't doing enough to protect their workers' safety. >> now, at the moment, the president is on his way to kennedy space center. he might not get a real warm welcome there. he'll brief nasa workers on his policy on space flight, which includes to much dismay of some people, his decision to cancel a return to the moon. the plan does include building a new space capsule for use at the international space station, and developing a new generation of rockets for future trips to mars. >> i know you're looking at this going, what is wrong with people? well, web fans think this guy is top dog. what does
FOX News
Apr 1, 2010 11:00am EDT
but only in virginia. president obama's decision to open up offshore drilling is driving a wedge between democrats. senator frank lautenberg saying drilling off the coast of virginia would endanger many of new jersey's beaches, but virginia democratic senators jim webb and mark warner are firmly on board urging president obama to move very quickly to open mid atlantic shores for oil and gas exploration. with us now for a fair and balanced debate, bob beckel. he's professor of advanced political studies at george washington university, he's also a fox news contributor. and dana perino, former white house press secretary, she's a fox news contributor as well. welcome to you both. >> thank you. trace: bob, you knew -- the president had to know which this going to raise a ruckus in the democratic party, right? >> oh, sure, he did. it was something he said he would do in the campaign, but the amount of drills we're talking about here is an awful lot. so the question is politically how does it play out for him? one, it does attract independent voters, but secondly, it will set the stage, i thi
Apr 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
there. another pocket of rain ahead of that upper level low around areas like virginia in towards north carolina, too. the radar picture, most of the action off in the atlantic ocean. later today daytime heating. if you see any it will make things unstable so storms coming back into play. raleigh, rain showers around the state line with north carolina into virginia, and the rain itself near the beltway so we'll get some delays in the air when you get around d.c. because of the light pocket of rain moving through, also the poor visibility is definitely going to be out there, something we're watching. up to the north farther, things are okay, nice and sunny around boston. rain heads in later today, and it will be around new york so you get some delays out of that. weak impulse moving through the plains now. it is enough to generate light rain around eastern parts of nebraska and iowa, too. not a big deal. traveling by plane today world's busiest airport, check out atlanta, midtown covered up. the rain went through yesterday, the fog is up there. you'll see travel delays in atlanta for the
Apr 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
of those districts. john spratt has been forever in south carolina. in west virginia 1, there is william monahan. hopefully, we will get them -- we will get rid of them before november and not in november. we have two of the most obnoxious members of the congress. one person who has been particularly hostile to the tea party of movement is a freshman and a republican in this district is alan grayson in florida. [applause] since most of us are legally qualified to vote in nevada because we have been there so much, we have met a fabulous candidates, a doctor in nevada, who is running in nevada 3. we are really proud to endorse dr. joe hecht for congress. [applause] our final target list is another virginia race. the gerry connolly seems to find troubling replace he turns. it would be good to change the ethics of the 11th congressional district of virginia. [applause] as i said earlier, we have to remember to reward our friends who we have endorsed. republicans who have stood for the tea party movement from the beginning, tom mcclintock in california 4 and the representative from georgia 6.
Apr 1, 2010 7:00pm EDT
-out" clauses. and virginia has already passed one. because of that, virginia's attorney general-- republican ken cuccinnelli-- has filed a separate lawsuit against the federal government. >> i'm doing exactly what i said i was going to do when i ran for office and i got more votes then anybody running for attorney general in virginia history. people of virginia knew what they where getting when they elected me. >> woodruff: when president lyndon johnson signed medicare into law 45 years ago, it, too, ran into opposition from the states. in some cases, because it required racial integration of publicly funded hospitals. those challenges failed, and many legal scholars say this new batch of state lawsuits will fare no better. and at the white house, presidential aides maintain none of the cases bears any legal merit. >> i think that for many decades, the supreme court has recognized congress authority under the commerce clause to regulate activities relating to interstate commerce. my advice from counsel is that we'll win these, we'll win these lawsuits. >> woodruff: there's also push- back fr
Apr 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
the gentleman from virginia seek recognition? >> i have an amendment at the desk. the clerk: amendment number 11 printed in house report 111-467 offered by mr. connelly of virginia. the chair: the gentleman from virginia, mr. connelly, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia. mr. connelly: i thank the chair and yield myself such time as i may consume. let me start by thanking the chairman and ranking member of the committee and the subcommittee for their leadership on this thoughtful legislation, to deliver long-needed reforms for our military acquisition. i'd also like to acknowledge the tremendous work of the armed service's committee panel led by mr. andrews of new jersey and mr. conaway of texas. my amendment builds on the panel's recommendation of getting the most out of the industrial base. defining and assessing the industrial base will be an ongoing challenge for both the department of defense and congress -- congress dating back to the creation of the armed fores themselves. one of the key findings of the panel was the need t
Apr 22, 2010 6:00am EDT
,000 people who traveled to virginia for his memorial service last night. later, more accounts from his students and how much he was loved by that school. >> it's just so sad what's happened to him. hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this. thank you. >> sure. >>> facebook, oh, it's changed the way people communicate nowadays hasn't it? now it wants to change your entire internet experience. big changes go into effect today and jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. what are they doing now? >> it's going to roll out it sounds like over a few months so you might not see it immediately today but basically what they're doing is taking your facebook experience and moving it outside the actual facebook website so you'll see it on other websites, like the "new york times," espn, our sister network, cnn, so if you use facebook, it's going to track the websites that you visit, and new stories that you read. so that you would see what your friends are reading, and guess what? they will see what you are reading, too, if you're on some of those sites out there. >>> taking a look at family f
Apr 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
're stuck in the middle because of what's going on. it's been especially hard for one virginia couple stuck in amsterdam. they have four kids under the age of 9 years old and all at home waiting for mom and dad to get there. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a few days in europe to visit family is now going on two weeks. sadness, separation and a lot of internet skyping for the pattersons of midlothian. parents jen and steve are among millions stranded. >> our flight tomorrow is canceled because the stuff in the air is too dangerous. >> i'm dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy has ever done. you are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. i know that you're being so loved and taken care of there. >> reporter: a grandmother had been watching the children. >> mommy is making a funny face. can you make a funny face to mommy? >> reporter: now friends are pitching in. >> the kids run out today after your mom gets here and john will moe the grass. >> how is it looking? >> a little rough. >> reporter: even rougher for them, the anxiety of being apart. the family spe
Apr 20, 2010 1:00pm EDT
me give you a check of the top stories here at cnn. president obama travels to west virginia this weekend to deliver the eulogy at a memorial service for 29 miners killed this month. explosion at the upper big branch mine was the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in four decades. since then mr. billiobama calle more oversight. >>> 8-1 vote, struck down a law banning videos that shows violate to animals. it showed pit bulls attacking other animals. the humane society says it will ask congress to adopt another ban on sale of such videos. >>> kurdistan's president fled the capital after violent protests earlier this month. the president of belarus says he and his family are now under his personal protection. those now in charge in kurdistan says if he returns they'll throw it in jail. >>> coming up, is the worst of the volcanic ash mess over or the volcanic ash mess over or only started? [ male announcer ] competition... >>> parents, check your kids' candy and i putting the word candy in quotes. researchers say your kids can get nicotine poisoning from tobacco products that look lik
Apr 24, 2010 1:00pm EDT
for you today. thanks for having us over, this is hln "news and views" and i'm virginia cha. >>> you won't be seeing much sun today in fact you may end up seeing something like this. parts of the region are under severe storm warnings and that includes the possibility of tornadoes. this isn't the only dangerous weather out there. colorado was hit with a crazy mix of rain, snow and tornadoes. some campers had to be rescued from two feet of snow and crews are cleaning up a rock slide that closed part of the highway west of denver. rescuers have suspended their search for 11 oil rig workers missing in the gulf of mexico. now the coast guard says it is unreasonable at this point to expect that any of them survived. the search covered 5,200 square miles over three days. even though the search is suspended, the case is not closed. >> we have not 100% certainty accounted for all the lifeboats and we don't know what was launched from the rig and what might still be with the rig and that's going to be something that we'll continue to do as part of the casualty investigation and we can also reresu
Apr 25, 2010 7:00pm EDT
've got a watch here across parts of maryland, west virginia and virginia, it includes you into washington, d.c., and we're monitoring this area through the carolinas for the potential of severe thunderstorms popping up over the next couple of hours. we'll start out by showing you the radar kind of close in, into just to the northwest of d.c., where these thunderstorms are becoming very intense, and there you can see some severe, damaging fwhinds winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. a thunderstorm watch included tampa, st. pete, extending near ft. myers and the palm bay area. we've been watching this intense line. we had two waves that moved through earlier today, one that moved through gainesville causing some tree damage and power lines down and also getting word north of tampa there are some power lines down here as well. this is a very intense line of storms and we could see winds in excess of 70 miles per hour and that in and of itself can cause serious damage. if you get the severe thunderstorm warning you need to take it seriously and stay indoors until that's thank storm passes. t
Apr 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
in west virginia. this story involves 28-year-old who's pinned between the mine wall and a mining machinery late thursday night. we're told he died early friday morning in surgery at a hospital there. he was married, had children. the company, by the way, this owns this particular mine owns several coal mines in west virginia including the sago mine where 12 men were killed back in january of 2006. >>> the boy scout motto, be prepared. nowhere in there are the words reckless and outrageous conduct. however, the boy scouts of america pretty much admitting to that in a sexual abuse case with a former asis tapt scout master. a jury awarded kerry wilson of oregon $18.5 million, assumed to be a record amount against the scouts, money to the victim and still no apology from the boy scouts. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get
Apr 4, 2010 11:00am EDT
, virginia. and i gladly took that job, having no other alternatives. in march of that year, senator dole, having been elected majority leader the price or your, spend his weekends campaigning for others. -- majority leader the prior year. he needed someone available on weekends, would work seven days a week. i had the added advantage of being from kansas. i was asked to go on the campaign trail and went to michigan early in 1986. we hit it off. we had a personal relationship. i proceeded to travel with him a round of the united states and abroad for the next 15 years. during that period, i had a number of roles, all of which work for his campaign committees. i worked as his personal aide or the body boy in his 1988 presidential campaign. in 1989, i came to kansas in managed his senate field office. in 1992, i managed his final reelection campaign to the senate. following that, i helped to manage as a national political action committee. i was living in kansas. prior to the 1994 campaign, that was the end of the road. i did not seek for their campaigns in kansas or nationally. -- did not
Apr 21, 2010 3:05am EDT
you join. awake again? >>> regulators in west virginia released new coal mine safety guidelines today after investigating one of the worst disasters in the industry in decades. 29 miners were killed earlier this month after that underground explosion. new rules should call for better ventilation of methane gas. the president and vice president will be in west virginia sunday for a memorial service. >>> public health experts are pushing for new limits on the amount of salt we consume, forcing a cut-back on sodium in processed foods and restaurant meals. >> doctors say it is necessary because americans are not cutting back on their own. here's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: a pinch here, a dash there, and often a whole lot more. we're supposed to have no more than 2,300 milligrams of salt, about a teaspoon a day. look at what we eat. one of kfc's new sandwiches has more than half the sodium we're supposed to eat all day. this asian chicken crunch salad has more than a day's worth of salt. this chicken parm, well over the recommended daily amount. so the fda is now considering creating reg
Apr 23, 2010 7:00am EDT
at reagan national airport and we will be in the mid-40's throughout much of virginia. we will have clouds this morning. our forecast today will be partly sunny and near 70 degrees. it will and more on the severe weather for the weekend coming up. george? >> thanks, heidi. >>> now, to a new controversy from "south park," that long-running cartoon series on comedy central. the show's been able to offend just about every group you can think of with its sick jokes. now, it's got something more serious. as dan harris reports, "south park's" spoof of the prophet mohammed, is drawing death threats. >> reporter: "south park," the satirical cartoon popular with young people, is known for being zealously offensive. jesus fighting santa claus. they've taken on jews, mormons and scientologists, too. you name a sacred cow. and the creators, trey parker and matt stone, have morked it. but when the prophet mohammed was portrayed in a bear costume, it was on a website that stone and parker could end up like muslim extremists. during this week's episode, when mohammed was supposed to appear again. he was
Apr 23, 2010 12:00pm EDT
in norfolk, virginia. five of the suspects were captured in march after attacking the uss nicholas. the remaining pirates attacked the uss ashland less than two weeks ago. so far, no charges have been filed against the suspects. >>> coming up next, howard with the weekend forecast. >>> if we could only keep this going. we are going to get some rain and that will help with the allergy update but still, today the tree pollen is very high. the grass and the mold spores are low. weeds are absent. rain coming. we will tell you when it will be here and what temperatures will do to respond, as well. it's three days like you've never experienced. it changes you. you can't be the same after you do the event. ♪ whoa, she's a pink warrior (woman) it's 60 miles of feeling invincible. (man) susan g. komen 3-day for the cure. register today or request information and a free promise ring at i walk to show that breast cancer didn't beat me. i am a pink warrior because i want to see an end to this disease. register today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone deserves a l
Apr 5, 2010 5:30pm EDT
on what was then his finance fundraising staff for 1986 reelection campaign in alexandria, virginia. and i gladly took that job, having no other alternative. [laughter] >> so, and in march of that year, senator dole having been elected majority leader the prior year spent a lot of his weekends campaigning for others. and so there was a need identified for someone who was available on weekends, would work 7 days a week, i think i had the added advantage of being a fellow kansan, i was asked to go on the campaign trail in early 1966. -- 1986. we hit it off and had a good personal relationship. i proceeded to travel with him around the united states and abroad for the next 15 years. so during that period, i have a number of roles. all of with the one exception which were for his campaign committees. i worked as his personal aide or as jonathan referred to the body man or body boy in his '88 presidential campaign. in '89 i came back here to kansas and managed his senate field offices. and in 1992, i managed his final reelection campaign to the senate. and following that, i helped to manage his
Apr 26, 2010 6:00am EDT
obama says that the 29 men killed in the west virginia mining accident died in pursuit of the american dream. he met privately with their families yesterday before giving a eulogy at a memorial service. the president said that the nation would honor their memories by improving mine safety. >> we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. they are with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. >> well, later this morning we expect to hear from the mine officials about their investigation into what happened. >>> rocker bret michaels is still in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage. he was hospitalized on friday after having an emergency appendectomy earlier in the week. his publicist says that michaels is in the icu with doctors monitoring him around the clock. michaels is the former lead singer of poison and is on this season's "celebrity apprentice." >>> certainly wish him well. you might also know him from i think it's vh1's" rock of love." depending on your generation, you might know him as a rock star. >> our generatio
Apr 15, 2010 10:00am EDT
for the recent coal mine explosion in west virginia. his comments run just over five minutes. on april 5, the united states suffered the worst mine disaster in more than a generation. 29 lives were lost, community have been upended. during this painful time, all of us are mourning with the people of montcoal and whitesville and the coal river valley. the people of west virginia are in our prayers. we need a little more than prayers. we owe them accountability, we owe them with assurance that when they go to work every day, when they enter that dark mine they are not alone. they ought to know that the company is doing what they need to do to protect them and a government that's looking out for their safety. in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, i asked the officials standing with me, labor secretary hilda solis and joe maine and kevin strickland to lead an investigation into what caused the explosion at massey energy company's upper big branch mine. i asked them to report back with preliminary findings this week. we just concluded that the investigation is ongoing and there's still a
Apr 21, 2010 1:00pm EDT
for women, tracing its roots back to the expansion of virginia public higher education system. while its name has evolved over the years, radford's commitment to academic excellence has never waivered. radford's beautiful 177 acre campus is located in the new river valley between the blue ridge and allegheny mountains. the university's home to nearly 8,000 undergraduates and over 1,000 graduate students. and these students have access to a diverse academic and curricular programs. the university's comprised of six undergraduate and one graduate college which offers 153 degree options. additionally, radford has also has 19 ncaa division i teams, 400 intramural sports teams, eafer over 200 clubs and organizations. recently radford was named one of the top up-and-coming schools in the nation by "u.s. news and world report" due to its promising and innovative changes it's made over the past few years. under the leadership of radford's sixth president, the university has consistently ranked among the best colleges and universities in the southeast region. such recognition shows the school's c
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Apr 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
states all the way from just south of pennsylvania through much of west virginia and virginia down through florida and back through -- as you can see, the peidmont area. widely scattered showers across the central plains and ought west as well. we have a lot of 40's in the northern plains. it's freezing right now in caribou, maine. we have 50's up and down the eastern seaboard. then it picks up in the 60's. right now, 68 in tampa. later on today, it's going to warm up a lot through portions of texas, they'll be in the 80's, approaching 90's in some spots. 60's throughout the northeast with the exception of new england which is going to cling to the 50's. 67 today in raleigh. it's going to be 79 beautiful degrees in memphis and 72 in kansas city. and you're currently up to date in kansas city and with the weather and now it's time for the sports. >> all right, nba playoffs continue last night. one of the most intriguing matchups, the lakers playing the oklahoma thunder. they're a good team now, real talented team, maybe tomorrow's team. see how it went. with time running down, laker
Apr 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
, virginia. two u.s. officials say the suspected pirates are accused of attacking u.s. naval ships near somalia. the east african suspects were held on u.s. ships for weeks while officials tried to figure out how to prosecute them. no comment from the fbi or the justice department. >>> earlier, we talked about the nfl draft making a bunch of millionaires overnight. but the pick everyone is talking about this morning is tim tebow. rafer wiegel explains why. hey, rafer. >> good morning. i'm so proud of you for watching the draft. >> i'm tired. >> i'm so proud of you. >> let's see the stuff again. i loved it. >> some may not only remember tim tebow for his playing, but also for that super bowl ad that caused a lot of trofcontroversy. his pick also caused controversy. >> the denver broncos select tim tebow, quarterback, florida. >> broncos shocked a lot of people when they took him 25th overall. here's why, what's really interesting. he's arguably the best college quarterback ever, but many feel his game is not ready for the nfl. this is a huge gamble. that is how different the two games ar
Apr 18, 2010 6:30pm EDT
and then briefly take your questions. >> first congressional district of virginia. >> america's first district. senator carper, you are with us. it was an honor. what a great group. senator ensign, senator brown. we had great folks and a great chemistry. it was a great compliment. i want to give accolades to the staff who did a wonderful job in putting this together and making sure that we were able to access those decision makers that are critical in what is going on in that region. in addition, i want to pull all out that -- i want to point out what i came away with from the trip. there was high morale on the civilian and military side. when we sat down to talk with them, whether at lunch or in formal settings, to a person, they were extraordinarily positive about what was going on over there and their mission, as well as what they have accomplished. i took away from that a positive feeling about our efforts over there. we asked some detailed questions about what they were doing and how they felt. as i said, on the civilian side, we talked to folks from up and down the variety of agencies. t
Apr 12, 2010 7:00am EDT
. host: melvin, republican. virginia. caller: good morning.. we aught to look at the first stimulus and what it supposed to do and what it ended up doing. we're not the first obama stimulus. we were supposed to have no more than 8% unemployment. i think we should be worried about that and only use money for emergency purposes so, the thing is it's unnecessary to have stimulus every time something goes on or wrong. for anybody that agrees with the democrat side, could you keep race out of the equation for a change. thank you. host: melvin called. the richmond times has a front page article courtesy of the jobless benefit fund is depleted and the state is expected to borrow 1 point 2 billion to pay claims. ferdinando, democratic caller? just make sure you turn down your radio or television. caller: my name is doctor ferdinando and i'm calling, the reason is, we got so many people losing jobs and they're talking about that's not the place for it. we've been in this mess before and everybody blamed the president. i just want to make my comment and let people know it's not obama fault
Apr 18, 2010 7:00am EDT
of that argument are out there. host: zpwarey from virginia. republican line. good morning. caller: thank you. i'd like to say while i do approve of what obama is trying to do with this stimulus money, i don't approve of the way he's trying to do it. you take these stimulus funds being spent for these highway interchanges projects, i talked to chairman lahood i believe it was december or january anyway, on january 29 on cnn at 6:30 in the morning they had a project in nebraska where it was a railroad overpass, and nobody on either side of the tracks wanted it or felt they needed it. everybody just kind of enjoyed waiting for the train to go by when they got stuck at intersections. nobody had ever lost their lives there. there had never been an accident. it only gave two girls a flag jobs. and the reason -- and i told mr. lahood that there's a lot of chickenry going on. and he said he couldn't imagine that. host: mike, do you want to respond to that point? guest: well, you know, i guess highway construction brings jobs. and that's what's needed. even in a place like nebraska that is weathered the
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